Presidential Address

Dear Pharmacy Students and Stakeholders of SAPSF,


It is an honour to write to you as the new President of the South African Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (SAPSF). I am humbled by your belief in me and thank you for allowing me this privilege to be your President.

SAPSF will eternally be grateful to its previous leadership for their contributions towards the growth of the federation. Congratulations to the previous Presidential committee led by Mr Raydon S. Juta for the remarkable work they carried out in their term which was evident in the reports they presented at the 59th Annual SAPSF Conference. To the incoming Presidential committee, let us keep the pledge we made to serve in a spirit of altruism and professionalism as we work tirelessly towards the growth of the SAPSF. Thank you to all the stakeholders and sponsors that have found faith in the SAPSF and continue to support us.

After the fruitful 59th Annual SAPSF Conference, I hope that you are all ready and eager to ‘pharm the future beyond the counter’. As mentioned at the conference, we need to relate our situation to the process of farming. We need to go out into the fields, get our hands dirty as we plant good seeds. We need to enlighten the youth and create in them the desire to join the profession of Pharmacy. Having done this, we will have to nurture that seed and ensure that it grows so that we may reap a good harvest of passionate Pharmacists in the future, Pharmacists who are not restricted by the counter that exists between them and their patients but are willing to move beyond that counter to meet the needs of their patients and provide Pharmaceutical care. “The world is more malleable than you think it is, and it’s waiting for you to hammer it into shape’’ ~Bono, so let us all work together to shape the world we desire to live in. With the introduction of the new position on the presidential committee, the Public Initiative Officer, SAPSF hopes to see greater involvement from branches in projects that will help us as students to enlighten the public about issues pertaining to their health and Pharmacy.

At the next conference in 2013, SAPSF would have been in existence for 60 years, being the fourth oldest Pharmaceutical student organisation. It is about time that we be regarded as a lively federation, one that is active and can be an example of an organization that has and is still to stand the test of time. I urge all Pharmacy students to own this federation. The presidential committee has been elected to serve you and represent your opinions. Take an active role in shaping this federation into what you want it to be by communicating your views and opinions through the right channels.

I am enthusiastic about this coming term and believe that SAPSF is yet to reach greater heights and we can get there through hard work and passion.


Yours in Pharmacy,

Miss Fadzai E. Munedzimwe

SAPSF President 2012/2013