Presidential Address 2013

Dear Pharmacy Students and Stakeholders of SAPSF,

It takes more than spoken art to express gratitude to all fellow members of the federation.

Reference be taken that it’s amongst our academic potential and development, that as upcoming pharmacists who belong to a well oriented fraternity of this kind, not only enhances our prowess of the career, but also, enriches our ability to engage with people from different walks of life.

My role as president will fundamentally be of loyal service delivery in order to enhance the image of federation and the profession at large. Empowerment shall remain a constant motivation towards the well-being of the same. I wish to make aware that it is every member’s responsibility to deepen themselves with knowledge and keep within global stands. As future pharmacists we need to key-in a matured focus by lensing a view to the basic needs faced by the society we serve. The profession integrity must by all times frequent by its goals which are to be carried out by us in our future deeds.

Serving the term as the new president I humbly ask for support and informed guidance in order to satisfy the gist of the federation.

Thanking you with anticipation.

Miss Mmakgabo Chokwe

SAPSF President 2013/2014