Rhodes University Pharmacy Students Association

The Rhodes University Faculty of Pharmacy is dedicated to achieving excellence in an environment of interdisciplinary co-operation, and mutual respect, consistent with the mission of the University and with the mission of the profession of Pharmacy

Community engagement is one of the key focus areas in the Faculty of Pharmacy. Academic members of staff in the Faculty contribute to policy decision-making in provincial and national arenas involving the use, management and distribution of medicine and the training of health professionals

The Rhodes University Pharmacy Students Association (RUPSA) is a society established under the auspices of the Rhodes University SRC.

Our mission as the Pharmacy Students Association at Rhodes University is to provide a platform for Rhodes University Pharmacy Students to:

  • Interact with one another on a social and professional level
  • Interact with the public (their future clients) and, in so doing, gain the necessary people skills they will need and use in pharmacy practice upon graduation
  • Interact with Pharmacy Students from other pharmacy schools in South Africa by our affiliation to S.A.P.S.F (South African Pharmacy Students’ Federation) and to I.P.S.F (International Pharmacy Students’ Federation).

RUPSA membership is not limited to pharmacy students only.

For more information contact the following persons:

Branch Chairperson:

Ms Liniah Mumbengegwi
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Rhodes Department of Pharmacy:

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