Diabetes Campaign


Diabetes Campaign: I Choose to Live

In response to the onset of Diabetes, the South African Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation
celebrates World Diabetes Day by means of a social media campaign. The campaign focuses on
spreading awareness throughout the day through a simple yet highly accessible medium in the form
of social networking.

The campaign takes form in persons writing the words “I Choose to Live” on their hands, of which
they take a photo and post it on Facebook and any other social platform, and thus create an
awareness of choosing to take charge of one’s health.

The campaign, however does not only focus on social media to promote the message but through
public interaction by person’s being curious as to the meaning of the words on the palms of the
participants, thus allowing a dialogue into the world of Diabetes, its awareness, treatment and

The campaign was borne out of a music video by a South African artist Howza (Tshepo Mosese),
who was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes in 2003. From there a short-lived campaign of a similar
nature was created and encouraged many who had Diabetes to choose to live their life and make
the necessary changes in their lifestyles to become a victor not a victim.

The South African Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation sees the importance of promoting such
a message and thus has placed it on its annual calendar. To see the contributions from the last
campaign see the Gallery for images from the day.

If you have any suggestions or comments please email event please email
Raydon Juta (SAPSF President), contact details available in the contacts section.