A professional federation that represents ALL Pharmacy students studying in South Africa.

The South African Pharmaceutical Students Federation is the body that regulates and governs all the pharmacy student organisations that fall under it, namely:

– Potchefstroom Aptekerstudentevereniging (PASV) – Port Elizabeth Pharmacy Students Association (PEPSA) – Rhode University Pharmacy Student Association (RUPSA) – Tshwane University of Technology University of Limpopo Association of Pharmacy Students (TUTULAPS) – University of Limpopo Association of Pharmacy Students (ULAPS) – University of KZN Association of Pharmacy Students (UKNAPS) – University of the Western Cape Association of Pharmacy Students (UWCAPS) – Witswatersrand Pharmaceutical Students Council (WPSC)

Forming one of the major, united national health science organisation with the objective of strengthening the profession from the student medium that it serves as.

Its annual conference is held every year, allowing an opportunity for all pharmacy students to engage in debate, form resolutions and address issues to the bodies that govern the profession.

Through the strong relationships between the pharmacy students and the different pharmacy schools both nationally and internationally.

The role of SAPSF is constantly changing. Emabarking on larger issues and projects that will ultimately determine the future of the pharmacy profession.

Founded in 1953

SAPSF Constitution