Be a Pharmacist

I want to be a Pharmacist Campaign

The project was seen as a necessity to address the gross insufficiency in the number of qualified practicing Pharmacists in South Africa. South Africa currently has less than 10 000 Pharmacists to service a growing population of about 50 million people. The burden upon the healthcare system is of detriment and much should be done to encourage the thought of choosing a career in Pharmacy.

The focus of all the branches is to choose historically disadvantaged schools to encourage the pupils
at Grade 8 level to start subjects in science and mathematics and aim to become Pharmacists one
day, not only alleviating the current healthcare burden but also resulting in an uplifting within the
community and hopefully a better future for those affected by this campaign.

The campaign includes brochures, posters and Powerpoint slides as a skeletal backbone for the
branches to launch a successful campaign.

For more information or suggestions please email the SAPSF Vice-President, contact details available in the contacts section.