SAPSF Structure

Structure of the Federation
The South African Pharmaceutical Student’s Federation is composed of two committees, namely the Presidential Committee (Presco) and the Executive Committee (Exco), which changes in its composition of term of office annually.

Presidential Committee:
As elected each year at the Annual Conference of SAPSF by delegates in attendance. This committee leads and runs the Federation in accordance to the Constitution of SAPSF.

Composed of the following Portfolios:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary-General
  • Media and Communications Officer
  • Editor
  • IPSF Contact Person and Student Exchange Officer
  • Public Initiative Officer


Executive Committee:

Formed by the Chairpersons of each Member Branch and form part of the overall executive functioning of SAPSF. The Presidential Committee is included as part of the Executive Committee and the two exist to ensure the adequate leading of both the Federation and Member Branches.