SAPSF United

SAPSF United – Know Yourself Campaign

This is a project that was realised as a necessity by the former Vice-President Mr Nadiem Suffia in his
term of office from 2008 – 2009, in that all branches should come together and work on an unified
front to promote health to the public on a National scale.

This went into much planning, but was finally compiled into a fully operational campaign and was
launched in 2010, under the theme of “Know Yourself”. The campaign focuses on the public knowing
their numbers including blood pressure, body mass index and general health promotion.

The focus is on a student led initiative in taking steps into being a health promoter as a Pharmacist
and educating the public on various health matters. The campaign takes place in malls within the various areas in which the various Pharmacy schools or branches are situated, and often incorporates other health care professional students where they work together as a healthcare team, a relationship that will prove to be promising in their future careers.

A campaign kit including posters are released each year for each branch to utilise. For more
information regarding the campaign or if you would like to be involved in the event please email
the SAPSF Vice President, contact details available in the contacts section.