The SAPSF Patient Counselling Event (PCE)

The Patient Counselling Event (PCE) aims to demonstrate the importance of pharmacy counselling skills, increase awareness of pharmacists as public educators, and to encourage and promote the development of the pharmacy profession. Each year SAPSF holds the PCE at its Annual Conference, giving delegates the chance to demonstrate their counselling skills and compete against each other.

The Patient Counselling Event (PCE) is a great way to promote training in communication skills, and provide an opportunity for pharmacy students and pharmacists to learn how to effectively interact with patients in a fun and competitive environment.



The PCE scenarios involve a pharmacist (played by the competitor/student) and a patient (played by an actor/academic) interacting in a pharmacy where the pharmacist must communicate with the patient to solve a problem and effectively counsel on therapy.

Each member branch of SAPSF sends one representative, who will receive a case study and has 15minutes to prepare before attempting to counsel their patient on any relevant aspects of their pharmacotherapy, upon which a winner will be chosen and receive a prize.