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SAPSF Student Exchange Programme

The Student Exchange Programme (SEP) is a programme run by the International Pharmaceutics Students’ Federation (IPSF) allowing students from different IPSF Member Associations to explore pharmacy and different culture experiences in another country. The South African Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (SAPSF), being one of the IPSF Member Associations, participates in the programme.

The SEP is a great opportunity for students to expand their pharmacy knowledge and also prepare them to work as health professionals in the dynamic global environment; and also broaden their understanding of pharmaceutical and social conditions in different countries.

The areas of learning offered by the SEP are:

  • Retail
  • Hospital
  • Academic
  • Administrative
  • Research
  • Industry

The SAPSF EP is available for pharmacy students who are interested in going abroad from South Africa to experience the different pharmaceutical and social conditions in other countries; and also to accommodate those from other countries coming in to the country for the experience.
The program runs throughout the year, each exchange being from one to three months. However, SAPSF does not take students in December. Accommodation, areas of learning and social events all depend on and are organised by the branch/city chosen by the student.

Application forms to partake in the programme can be accessed on the IPSF website ( and a selection of the students is made by the SEO of the particular branch selected.

For more information contact the SAPSF Student Exchange Officer, contact details available in the contacts section.